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Valor Wellness is a fitness community in Middle Georgia where we share our yoga practice and wellness tips, support each other in making healthy choices, and encourage one another in faith.

Why Valor, Why Holy?

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Our founder, Frances, is here to help inspire and encourage you on your wellness journey. Frances makes her living as a university attorney and administrator, drawing from experience in communications, government, law, and education. She makes her life as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, stepmom (and grandmom!), teacher and student. Besides yoga, wellness, and spending time with loved ones, she enjoys reading, writing, the arts, travel, and nature (hence the settings for retreats!).

About Us

Valor (Spanish) n.: worth, merit, value.
Valor (English) n.: courage, bravery, moxie.

As a Cuban-American Miami native, I tend to think in two languages: English and Spanish. In either one, the word valor captures perfectly what yoga practice and wellness help me cultivate. In stillness, I know that He is God. I know that no matter where on the planet I find myself, worth is what I have in common with all human beings and we are each capable of courage when we choose faith over fear.​

Frances Marine Davis, 200-RYT

We are called to make more than a living; we are called to make a life. We are best equipped to face life's struggles when we root the steps of our journey in God, the author of all wellness. After years of dabbling in different diet and fitness trends, a yoga retreat to Belize fueled my desire to commit to wellness and to share my journey with others. After earning a 200-RYT certification in 2013, I began teaching and hosting excursions and retreats. In 2016, after taking a 6-month sabbatical to reflect on my faith in God and my relationship with Christ, I began specialty training with Holy Yoga.

"​For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."
2 Timothy 1:7

I am currently certified in Holy Yogalates, a combination of yoga and pilates focused on  core strength. As we close out 2018, I will continue Holy Yoga training with a Pre/Post-Natal course. With each class, whether as student or teacher, my faith in God's goodness grows stronger. Yoga provides a means of improving the wellness of my body and mind, which feeds my ability and willingness to seek the wellness of my soul.